Good Reads - List by Author - linked to detailed information


Abdy, Richard
      Roman Army - pocket dictionary

Adkins, Jan
      The Craft of Sail

Alexander, Caroline
      Bounty - The True Story of the Mutiny on the Bounty

Alexander, Caroline
      Bounty - The True Story of the Mutiny on the Bounty (on tape)

Allan, Dick
      Cry of the Heron

Altounyan, Taqui
      Chimes from a Wooden Bell - A hundred years in the life of a Euro-Armenian

Anonymous, B

Antier, Jean-Jacques
      Charles de Foucauld - Charles of Jesus

Applebome, Peter
      Scouts honor - a fathers unlikely foray into the woods

Bach, Richard
      Jonathan Livingston Seagull

Bainton, Roland
      Erasmus of Christendom

Barre, David
      Sextant - a young mans daring sea voyage and the men who mapped the worlds oceans

Battles, Matthew
      Library - an unquiet history

Battles, Matthew
      Palimpsest - a history of the written word

Belloc, Hilaire
      Hills and the Sea

Bierce, Ambrose
      Ambrose Bierces Civil War

Baden-Powell, Olave St. Clair (Soames)
      Window on my Heart - The autobiography of Olave, Lady Baden-Powell, G.B.E. as told to Mary Drewery

Blackburn, Elizabeth and Epel, Elissa
      The Telomere Effect - a revolutionary approach to living younger, healthier, longer

Blanchard, Kenneth H and Johnson, Spencer
      The One Minute Manager

Blanchet, M. Wylie (Muriel Wylie) aka Capi - - 1891-1961
      The Curve of Time

Blandford, Pearcy W.
      A Life Full of Hobbies

Block, Lawrence
      The Burgler in the Library

Blyton, Enid
      The Mystery of the Burnt Cottage - (The first adventure of the five finder-outers and Buster their dog)

Bowden, Keith
      The Tecate Journals - seventy days on the Rio Grande

Bowen, Catherine Drinker
      Francis Bacon - the temper of a man

Bowker, R.M.(Robert Marshland) and Budd, S.A. (Stanley Arthur)
      Make your own Sails

Brady, Catherine
      Elizabeth Blackburn and the story of telomeres - deciphering the ends of DNA

Brogan, Hugh
      The life of Arthur Ransome

Brower , Kenneth
      Song for Satawal

Brower, Kenneth ,
      The Starship and the Canoe dual biograpy of Freeman Dyson and George Dyson

Brown Jr., Tom
      Case files of the Tracker - true stories from Americas greatest outdoorsman

Brown Jr., Tom
      Tracker - The

Buckley, Christopher
      Steaming to Bamboola - The World of a Tramp Freighter

Buehler, George
      Buehlers Backyard Boatbuilding ,

Burrough, Brian
      The Big Rich - The rise and fall of the greatest Texas oil fortunes

Burroughs, John - - Muir, John - - and others
      Alaska - The Harriman expedition

Butcher, Tim
      Blood River - a journey to Africas broken heart

Caldwell, Taylor
      Dear and glorious physician.

Capstone, Peter Hathaway
      Death in the Long Grass - a big game hunters adventures in the African Bush

Carlisle, Fred
      Journey with Caravel - We ran away to sea.

Carrier, Jim
      The Ship and theStorm - Hurricane Mitch and the loss of the Fantome

Castaneda, Carlos
      The Teachings of Don Juan - a Yaqui Way of Knowledge

Ceram, C.W.
      The Secret of the Hittites - the discovery of an ancient empire

Chadwick, David
      Crooked cucumber : the life and Zen teaching of Shunryu Suzuki

Chambers, Roland
      The Last Englishman - the double life of Arthur Ransome

Charteris, Leslie
      The Saint Intervenes

Charteris, Leslie - Short, Christopher (actual author)
      The Saint and the Hapsburg Necklace

Charteris, Leslie - Peter Blossom and John Kruse (actual collaborative authors)
      Salvage for the Saint

Chaucer, Geoffrey
      The Canterbury Tales - - rendered into modern English by Nevill Coghill

Chichester, Francis
      Gipsy Moth Circles the World

Chiles, Webb
      Chidiock Tichborne II

Chiles, Webb
      The Ocean Waits (second -book- in circumnavigation series)

Chiles, Webb
      The Open Boat - Across the Pacific (first -book- in circumnavigation series)

Chiles, Webb
      Chidiock Tichborne II (last -book- in circumnavigation series)

Clark, Leonard (Leonard Francis)
      Marching Wind ( China )

Clancy, Tom
      The Hunt for Red OCtober

Cline, Eric H.
      1177 B.C. The Year Civilization Collapsed

Coffey, Maria and Dag Goering
      Sailing back in Time A nostalgic voyage on Canadas west coast

Coghill, Nevill (trans)
      The Canterbury Tales by Chaucer, Geoffrey

Coghlan, Nicholas
      Winter in Fireland - a Patagonian Sailing Adventure

Constantine, Paul
      Practical Dinghy Cruiser

Converse, Cathy
      Following the Curve of Time - The Legendary M. Wylie Blanchet

Costain, Thomas B.
      The Silver Chalice: A Story of the Cup of the Last Supper

Constant Waterman (Goldman, Matthew )
      , The Journals of the Constant Waterman

Conway, John E.
      Catboat Summers

Cotter, Charles H.
      A History of the Navigators Sextant

Crabb, Tom
      Band Saw projects

Crawford, Stanley
      Mayordomo - chronicle of an acequia in northern New Mexico

Crealock, W.I.B. (Bill)
      Vagabonding under Sail

Cronkite, Walter
        Around America - a tour of our magnificent coastline

Crowley, Tony
        The Lo-Tech Navigator

Cussler, Clive with Dirk Cussler
      Treasure of Kahn ( audio book on CD)

Dalton, Anthony
      Wayward Sailor - in search of the real Tristan Jones

Dashti, Ali
      In Search of Omar Khayyam

Davidson, Diane Mott
      Tough Cookie

de Kock, Edwin
      Christ and Antichrist in Prophecy and History

Delaney, Frank
      Simple Courage - A true story of peril on the sea

Demaris, Ovid
      Poso del mundo; inside the Mexican-American border, from Tijuana to Matamoros

Dias, Antonio
      Designer and Client - Eight Boat Design Commissions, from Kayak to Cruiser

Dillard, Annie
      Pilgrim at Tinker Creek ,

Dixon, June
      Uffa Fox a Personal Biography

Dobie, J. Frank
      Coronado s children - tales of lost mines and buried treasures of the SW

Dobie, J. Frank

Dobie, J. Frank

Dobie, J. Frank

Dobie, J. Frank
      Some Part of Myself (autobiography)

Dobie, J. Frank
      Tongues of the Monte

Donovan, Robert J.
      PT 109 - John F. Kennedy in World War II

Druett, Joan
      Rough Medicine - Surgeons at Sea in the Age of Sail

Druett, Joan
      She Captains - Heroines and hellions of the Sea

Druett, Joan

Dumas, Vito
      Alone Through the Roaring Forties

Dunnett, Dorothy
      from the -house of Niccolo - series -

Dunnett, Dorothy
      Niccolo Rising (1986)

Dunnett, Dorothy
      Spring of the Ram (1987)

Dunnett, Dorothy
      Race of Scorpions (1989)

Dunnett, Dorothy
      Scales of Gold (1991)

Duxbury, Ken
      Lugworm Island Hopping

Duxbury, Ken
      Lugworm Homeward Bound - Greece to England in an Open Dingy

Epel, Elissa and Blackburn, Elizabeth
      The Telomere Effect - a revolutionary approach to living younger, healthier, longer

Felt, Hali
      Soundings - the story of the Remarkable Woman Who Mapped the Ocean Floor (Marie Tharp)

Fox, Uffa
      Sailing Boats

Freedman, Russell
      Scouting with Baden-Powell

Gardner, John, 1933-1982

Gerbault, Alain - - 1893-1941
      The Fight of the Firecrest - the Record of a Lone-Hand Cruise, From East to West, Across the Atlantic

Gerr, Dave
      Nature of Boats

Gerr, Dave
      Elements of Boat Strength - for Builders. Designers and Owners

Gilpin, Vincent
      Good Little Ship - The

Gladwin, Thomas
      East is a Big Bird - Navigation and Logic on Puluwat Atoll

Glassner, Jean-Jacques translated by Aainab Bahrani and Marc van De Mieroop
      The Invention of Cuneiform - Writing in Sumer

Goldman, Matthew
      The Journals of the Constant Waterman

Goldman, Matthew - The Constant Waterman
      Moon Wind at Large - Sailing Hither and Yon

Goldstein, Richard
      Desperate Hours - The Epic Rescue of the Andrea Doria

Gooley, Tristan
      The Natural Navigator

Grann, David
      Lost City of Z - A tale of deadly obsession in the Amazon

Granzotto, Gianni
      Christopher Columbus

Gray, William R
      Voyages to paradise. exploring in the wake of Captain Cook

Grayson, Stan
      A Man for All Oceans - Captain Joshua Slocum and the first solo voygae around the globe - biography

Greenberg, Martin. editor
      The Tony Hillerman Companion - a comprehensive guide to his life and work

Greenlaw, Linda
      All Fishermen are Liars

Greenlaw, Linda
      Fishermans Bend - a Jane Bunker mystery

Greenlaw, Linda
      The Hungry Ocean - a swordboat captains journey

Greenlaw, Linda
      The Lobster Chronicles - life on a very small island

Greenlaw, Linda
      Seaworthy - a swordboat captain returns to the sea

Greenlaw, Linda

Guareschi, Giovanni
      Don Camillo and his flock ,

Guareschi, Giovanni
      Comrade Don Camillo

Guareschi, Giovanni
      The Family Guareschi - Chronciles of the Past and Present.

Guareschi, Giovanni
        Little world of Don Camillo

Guareschi, Giovanni
        Don Camillos dilemma ,

Guareschi, Giovanni
        Don Camillo Meets the Flower Children (Don Camillo Meets the Hells Angels - UK title)

Guareschi, Giovanni
        Don Camillo takes the Devil by the Tail

Guareschi, Giovanni
      The House that Nino Built ,

Guareschi, Giovanni
      Duncan and Clotilda - an extravaganza with a long digression

Guareschi, Giovanni
      My Home Sweet Home - translation of Corrierno delle Famiglie

Gurdjieff, Georges Ivanovitch, 1872-1949
      Meetings with Remarkable Men
Gurdjieff, Georges Ivanovitch, 1872-1949
      1949 descripion

Guzzwell, John
      Trekka Around the World

Halliburton, Richard
      Glorious Adventure

Halliburton, Richard
      New Worlds to Conquer (travel in the Americas in 1928)

Hansen, Gunnar
      Islands at the Edge of Time - A Journey to Americas Barrier Islands

Hardymet, Christina
      Captain Flint's Trunk

Harrigan, Stephen

Harrison, Jim
      Legends of the Fall (also Revenge - also The Man who gave up his name - bound in 1 book)

Harry, David
      The Padre Puzzle - a mystery novel ,

Hathcock, Steve
      The Old Indio

Haworth-Maden, Clare. editor
      Viking Gods

Hayes, David and Daniel
      My old man and the sea a father and son sail around Cape Horn

Henry, Alexander - - edited by Armour, David A.
      Attack at Michilimackinac 1763

Hepburn, Kathrine
      The Making of African Queen

Herge..pen name of..Georges Prosper Remi (b 1907 d 1983) 3 titles bound in one volume

Herge, Georges P. Remi
      The Adventures of Tintin - The Black Island

Herge, Georges P. Remi
      The Adventures of Tintin - The Blue Lotus

Herge, Georges P. Remi
      The Adventures of Tintin - The Broken Ear

Herge, Georges P. Remi
      The Adventures of Tintin - Cigars of the Pharaoh

Herge, Georges P. Remi
      The Adventures of Tintin - The Crab with the Golden Claws

Herge, Georges P. Remi
      The Adventures of Tintin - Destination Moon

Herge, Georges P. Remi
      The Adventures of Tintin - Explorers on the Moon (see above)

Herge, Georges P. Remi
      The Adventures of Tintin - King Ottokars Sceptre

Herge, Georges P. Remi
      The Adventures of Tintin - The Secret of the Unicorn

Herge, Georges P. Remi
      The Adventures of Tintin - The Seven Crystal Balls

Herge, Georges P. Remi
      The Adventures of Tintin - The Shooting Star

Herge, Georges P. Remi
      The Adventures of Tintin - Tintin in America

Herreshoff, L. Francis
      Complete Cruiser - the art practice and enjoyment of boating

Heyerdahl, Thor -- 1914-2002
      Kon Tiki expedition ,

Heyerdahl, Thor -- 1914-2002
      Aku Aku the Secret of Easter Island

Heyerdahl, Thor -- 1914-2002
      The Ra expeditions

Heyerdahl, Thor -- 1914-2002
      The Tigris expedition ,

Heyerdahl, Thor -- 1914-2002
      The Maldive Mystery

Hicks, Robert D.
      Voyage to Jamestown Practical Navigation in the Age of Discovery

Hill, Annie
      Brazil and Beyond

Hill, Annie
      Voyaging on a Small Income

Hillcourt, William - with Olave, Lady Baden-Powell
      Baden-Powell - the two lives of a hero

Hillerman, Anne
      Song of the Lion

Hillerman, Anne
      Rock with Wings

Hillerman, Anne
      Spider Womans Daughter

Hillerman, Tony 1914-2002
      the Navajo Tribal Police stories:

Hillerman, Tony 1914-2002
          The Blessing Way (1970) ISBN 0-06-011896-2 , this is the first book of the Joe Leaphorn series

Hillerman, Tony
      Dance Hall of the Dead (1973) ISBN 0-06-011898-9

Hillerman, Tony
      Listening Woman (1978) ISBN 0-06-011901-2

Hillerman, Tony
      People Of Darkness (1980) ISBN 0-06-011907-1

Hillerman, Tony
      The Dark Wind (1982) ISBN 0-06-014936-1

Hillerman, Tony 1914-2002
      Ghostway (1984) ISBN 0-06-015396-2,

Hillerman, Tony
      Skinwalkers (1986) ISBN 0-06-015695-3

Hillerman, Tony
      A Thief of Time (1988) ISBN 0-06-015938-3

Hillerman, Tony 1914-2002
      Talking God (1989) ISBN 0-06-016118-3

Hillerman, Tony 1914-2002
      Coyote Waits (1990) ISBN 0-06-016370-4

Hillerman, Tony
      Sacred Clowns (1993) ISBN 0-06-016767-X

Hillerman, Tony
      Fallen Man (1996) ISBN 0-06-017773-X,

Hillerman, Tony
      First Eagle (1998) ISBN 0-06-017581-8

Hillerman, Tony 1914-2002
      Hunting Badger (1999) ISBN 0-06-019289-5

Hillerman, Tony 1914-2002
      The Wailing Wind (2002) ISBN 0-06-019444-8

Hillerman, Tony 1914-2002
      The Sinister Pig (2003) ISBN 0-06-019443-X

Hillerman, Tony 1914-2002
      Skeleton Man (2004) ISBN 0-06-056344-3

Hillerman, Tony 1914-2002
      The Shape Shifter (2006) ISBN 978-0-06-056345-5

Hillerman, Tony 1914-2002
      Fly on the Wall (1971) ISBN 0-06-011897-0

Hillerman, Tony 1914-2002
      Finding Moon (1995) ISBN 0-06-017772-1

Hillerman, Tony 1914-2002
      Seldom Disappointed: A Memoir by Tony Hillerman (2001) (autobiography) ISBN 0-06-019445-6

Hillerman, Tony 1914-2002
          The Great Taos Bank Robbery and other tales ... (1973) ISBN 0-8263-0306-4

Hofland, Barbara - 1770-1844
          Young Crusoe - The adventures of a shipwrecked boy on the island of St. Paul., in the Indian Ocean in the year 1826

Hohn, Donovan
      Moby Duck - The True Story of 28, 000 Bath Toys Lost at Sea and of the Beachcombers, Oceanographers, Enviornmentalists, and Fools, Including the Author, Who Went in Search of Them

Holley, Linda A.
      , Tipis Tepees Teepees - history and design of the cloth tipi

Horie, Kenichi
      Kodoku - Sailing Alone Across the Pacific

Horwitz, Tony
      Blue Latitudes - Boldly going where Captain Cook has gone before

Horwitz, Tony
      A Voyage Long and Strange - on the trail of the Vikings. Conquistadors. Lost Colonists. and Other Adventurers in Early America

Hough, Richard
      The Blind Horns Hate

Household, Geoffrey
      Prisoner of the Indies - the adventures of Miles Philips as told by Geoffrey Household

Hughes, Lee
      Biggest Boat I could Afford - sailing up the U.S. Coast in a dingy

Hunter, Douglas
      Half Moon . Henry Hudson and the voyage that redrew the map of the New World

Hunter, Douglas
      The Race to the New World - Christopher Columbus, John Cabot and a Lost History of Discovery

Hunter, John A.

Iacocca, Lee
        Iacocca an autobiography

Iacocca, Lee
        Where have all the leaders gone

Jarvis, D.C., MD
      Folk Medicine

Jeal, Tim
      Baden-Powell - Founder of the Boy Scouts ,

Jenkins, Philip - - ( John P. Jenkins )
      The Lost History of Christianity - The Thousand-Year Golden Age of the Church in the Middle East, Africa, and Asia - and how it died

Jenkins, Peter
      Along the Edge of America

Jones, Dilwyn
      Boats - Egyptian Bookshelf (series) ,

Jones, Julia
      The Salt Stained Book (Strong Winds series no.1)

Jones, Tristan
      , To venture further

Jones, Tristan
      , Seagulls in my soup

Jones, Tristan
      , Encounters of a Wayward Sailor

Jones, Tristan
      , Star to Steer Her by (same as Outward Leg)

Jones, Tristan
      , Outward Leg (sailing a trimaran from San Diego USA to London UK

Jones, Tristan
      , Heart of Oak (certainly fiction as far as Jones participation)

Jones, Tristan
      , Steady Trade (considered as fiction)

Jones, Tristan
      , Aka (written as fiction)

Jones, Tristan
      , Somewheres East of Suez

Jones, Tristan
      , Improbable voyage

Jones, Tristan
      , Adrift

Jones, Tristan
      Incredible Voyage

Jones, Tristan
      , Saga of a Wayward Sailor

Jones, Tristan
      , Ice (considered totally fiction)

Jones, Tristan
      , Dutch Treat (considered fiction)

Jones, Tristan
      , One hand for yourself - One for the Ship - The essential Tristan Jones

Junger, Sebastian
      The Perfect Storm

Kaplan, Robert D.
      The Revenge of Geography - what the map tells us about coming conflicts and the battle against fate

Kendall-Price, Claire
      In the footsteps of the Swallows and Amazons - 19 illustrated walks

Kent, George O.
      Bismark and his times

Kent, Rockwell
      Voyaging - Southward from the Strait of Magellan

Kent, Rockwell
      Its Me O Lord - the autobiography of Rockwell Kent

King, Dean
      Skeletons on the Zahara - A True Story of Survival

King, Paul
      The Complete Yurt Handbook

Knightly, Philip and Simpson, Colin
      The Secret Lives of Lawrence of Arabia

Kurlansky, Mark
      Paper - paging through history

Ladd, Stephen
      Three Years in a Twelve-Foot Boat

Landau, Brent (translator)
      Revelation of the Magi - the lost tale of the Wise Mens Journey to Bethlehem

Lang, Gregory E.
      Why a Son needs a Dad

Langewiesche, William
      Sahara Unveiled - A journey across the desert

Langford, Richard E.
      White Squall - the Last Voyage of Albatross

Lansing, Alfred
      Endurance - Shackletons Incredible Voyage

Latham, Jean Lee
      Carry on Mr. Bowditch

Laubin, Reginald and Gladys
      Indian Tipi - its history, construction and use

Lawrence, R.D.
      Voyage of the Stella

Lawrence, T. E. (1888 - 1935)
      Seven Pillars of Wisdom

Le Tourmelin, Jacques-Yves
      Kurun around the world

Lea, Tom
      The Hands of Cantu

Leopold, Aldo
      A Sand County Almanac

Leighton, Kenneth M.
      Oar and Sail - an odyssey of the west coast

Leslie, Robert C.
      A Waterbiography (orig. pub in 1894)

Levitt, Steven D. and Dubner, Steven J.
      Freakonomics - a rogue economist explores the hidden side of everything

Lewis, David H.

Lewis, David H.
      We the Navigators

Longyard, William
      A Speck on the Sea - epic voyages in the most improbable vessels

Lowenstein, Hubertus
      A Basic History of Germany

Mace, Elisabeth
      Ransome Revisited

Mackinnon, A. J.
      Unlikely Voyage of Jack de Crow - a Mirror odyssey from N. Wales to Black Sea

Mahoney, Rosemary
      Down the Nile - alone in a fishermans skiff

Maitland, Derek
      Setting Sails - a tribute to the Chinese Junk

Malone, Michael S
      Running Toward Danger - Real Life Scouting Action Stories of Heroism, Valor and Guts

Manchester, William
      World lit only by fire - The Medieval Mind and the Renaissance - Portrait of

Mann, Zane B.
      Fair Winds and Far Places

Manry, Robert
      Tinkerbelle - the Story of the Smallest Boat to Cross the Atlantic

Martin, Malachi
      The Vatican

Matthiessen, Peter
      The Snow Leopard

Mattingly, Garrett
      The Armada (Spanish of 1588)

Marozzi, Justin
      The Way of Herodotus travels with the man who invented history

McAlister, Wayne H.
      Life on Matagorda Island

McCall, Fiona and Howard, Paul
      All in the Same Boat

McPhee, John A.
      Looking for a Ship

Merton, Thomas
      The Seven story Mountain

Merton, Thomas
      The Wisdom of the Desert - Sayings from the Desert Fathers of the Fourth Century

Michener, James A 1907-1997.

Michener, James A. - 1907-1997

Michener, James A. - 1907-1997
      The Novel

Michener, James A. - 1907-1997
The Source

Millard, Candice
        River of Doubt (Theodore Roosevelt)

Miller, John J. and Molesky, Mark
        Our Oldest Enemy - a history of Americas disasterous relationship with France

Moussaieff Masson, Jeffrey
      Slipping into Paradise - why I live in New Zealand

Mohlke, Matthew
      Floating Down the Country - a 79 day adventure down the Mississippi New Orleans

Moitessier, Bernard
      Tamata and the alliance ,

Moitessier, Bernard
      First voyage of the Joshua

Moitessier, Bernard
      Sea Vagabonds world - boats and sails distant shores islands and lagoons

Moorhouse, Geoffrey
      Fearful Void (Sahara)

Morrison, Samuel Eliot
      John Paul Jones - a sailors biography

Morrison, Samuel Eliot
      Admiral of the ocean sea - a life of Christopher Columbus

Morison, Samuel Eliot 1887-1976
      The Ropemakers of Plymouth - a history of the Plymouth Cordage Company 1824-1949

Moscow, Alvin
      Collision Course Andrea Doria and Stockholm

Mowat, Farley
      Black Joke, the

Mowat, Farley
      Grey Seas Under

Mowat, Farley
      Serpants Coil - A stunning true epic of storm and salvage in Mid Atlantic

Mowat, Farley
      Boat who wouldnt float

Mowat, Farley
      Westviking - the Ancient Norse in Greenland and North America

Nichols, John T.
      Milagro Beanfield War (1974) ,

Nichols, John T.
      Magic Journey (1978)

Nichols, John T.
      Nirvana Blues (1981)

Munro, Alice
        Hateship, friendship, courtship, loveship, marriage, stories

Nakashima Brock. Rita and , Parker. Rebecca Ann
      Saving Paradise - How Christianity traded love of this world for crucifixion and empire

Niven, David
      Bring on the Empty Horses

Obregon, Mauricio
      Beyond the Edge of the Sea - Sailing with Janson and the Argonauts.Ulysses.the Vikings.and Other Explorers of the Ancient World

O Brian, Connor
      Sea-Boats, Oars and Sails

OHanlon, Redmond
      In Trouble Again - A journey between the Orinoco and the Amazon

OHanlon, Redmond
      No Mercy. A Journey Into the Heart of the Congo

OHanlon, Redmond
      Into the Heart of Borneo

OHanlon, Redmond

Pearson, T.R.
      Seaworthy - Adrift with William Willis in the Golden Age of Rafting

Oliva, Juan (attributed) pub. by Library of Congress
      Portolan Atlas of the Mediterranean Sea and Western European Waters (with a World Map)

Pamperin, Tom
      Jagular goes everywhere - mis adventures in a 300 dollar sailboat

Parr, Charles McKew
      So Noble a Captain - the Life and Times of Ferdinand Magellan

Pearson, T. R.
      Seaworthy - Adrift with William Willis in the Golden Age of Rafting

Peddiwell, J. Abner
      The Saber-Tooth Curriculum

Perez-Mallaina, Pablo E. - - - translated by Carla Rahn Phillips
      Spains Men of the Sea - Daily Life on the Indies Fleets in the Sixteenth Century

Perry, Rick (Governor of Texas)
      On My Honor - Why the American Values of the Boy Scouts are worth fighting for

Peters, Ellis (pseud. for Edith Pargeter)
      A Morbid Taste for Bones (written in 1977, set in 1137) ,

Peters, Ellis ,
      ,One Corpse Too Many 1979, set in August 1138)

Peters, Ellis ,
      Monks Hood 1980, set in December 1138)

Peters, Ellis ,
      Saint Peter's Fair (1981, set in July 1139)

Peters, Ellis ,
      The Leper of Saint Giles (1981, set in October 1139),

Peters, Ellis ,
      The Virgin in the Ice (1982, set in November 1139),

Peters, Ellis ,
      ,The Sanctuary Sparrow (1983, set in the Spring of 1140)

Peters, Ellis ,
      The Devils Novice (1983, set in September 1140)

Peters, Ellis ,
      Dead Man's Ransom (1984, set in February 1141)

Peters, Ellis ,
      ,The Pilgrim of Hate (1984, set in May 1141)

Peters, Ellis ,
      ,An Excellent Mystery (1985, set in August 1141)

Peters, Ellis ,
      The Raven in the Foregate (1986, set in December 1141),

Peters, Ellis ,
      The Rose Rent (1986, set in June 1142)

Peters, Ellis ,
      The Hermit of Eyton Forest (1988, set in October 1142),

Peters, Ellis ,
      , The Confession of Brother Haluin (1988, set in December 1142)

Peters, Ellis ,
      The Heretics Apprentice (1990, set in June 1143)

Peters, Ellis ,
      The Potters Field (1990, set in August 1143)

Peters, Ellis ,
      The Summer of the Danes (1991, set in April 1144)

Peters, Ellis ,
      The Holy Thief (1992, set in August 1144)

Peters, Ellis ,
      Brother Cadfael's Penance (1994, set in November 1145),

Philbrick, Nathaniel
      In the Heart of the Sea - the tragedy of the whaleship Essex

Phillips.Carla Rahn (translator), Perez-Mallaina.Pablo E.
        , Spains Men of the Sea - Daily Life on the Indies Fleets in the Sixteenth Century

Plummer, Henry M.
      Boy Me and the Cat - Cruise of the Mascot 1912-1913


Poolman, Kenneth
      Speedwell Voyage - A tale of piracy and mutiny in the eighteenth century

Powers, Ron
      A Life of Mark Twain

Putegnat, Michael
      Laguna (south Texas)

Raban, Jonathan
      Arabia through the looking glass (1979)

Raban, Jonathan
      Coasting - A Private Voyage (around Great Britain)

Raban, Jonathan
      Old Glory - A Voyage Down the Mississippi

Raban, Jonathan
      Bad Land - an American Romance

Raban, Jonathan
      Passage to Juneau - a sea and its meanings

Rahn Phillips, Carla (translator) - author = Perez-Mallaina, Pablo E.
        , Spains Men of the Sea - Daily Life on the Indies Fleets in the Sixteenth Century

Rahn, Peter and Carla
      World of Christopher Columbus

Rahn, Carla Philips
      Six Galleons for the King of Spain

Rajaniemi, Brunhild
      Two Escaping the Last Battle (WWII last part - girls escaping Berlin)

Ransome, Arthur
      Old Peters Russian Tales

Ransome, Arthur
      Winter Holiday

Ransome, Arthur
      Coot Club

Ransome, Arthur
      Coots in the North and other stories introduced by Hugh Brogan

Ransome, Arthur
      Autobiography of Arthur Ransome ,

Ransome, Arthur
      Great Northern

Ransome, Arthur

Ransome, Arthur
      Big Six

Ransome, Arthur
      Secret Water

Ransome, Arthur
      Peter Duck

Ransome, Arthur
      Picts and the Martyrs

Ransome, Arthur
      Rod and Line

Ransome, Arthur
      Swallows and Amazons

Ransome, Arthur
      Pigeon Post

Ransome, Arthur
      We didn t mean to go to sea ,

Ransome, Arthur
      Winter Holiday

Ransome, Arthur
      Missee Lee

Rice, Edward
      Captain Sir Richard Francis Burton - the secret agent who made a pilgrimage ... Mecca

Rimington, Critchell, editor
      The Sea Chest - a yachtsmans reader

Rodgers.Slats. and, Stilwell.Hart
      Old Soggy no. 1 the uninhibited story of Slats Rogers (airplanes in S. Texas)

Rosten, Leo
      Joys of Yiddish

Ruby, Robert
      Unknown Shore - the Lost History of Englands Arctic Colony

Saunders, Mike
      The Walkabouts - a family at sea

Rowlands, John J.
      Cache Lake Country - ife in the north woods.

Schlosser, S.E.
      Spooky Wisconsin - Tales of Hauntings, Strange Happenings, and other Local Lore

Seale, Avrel
      The Hull the Sail and the Rudder - my search for the boundries of the body mind and soul

Scott, Michael
      Alchemyst - the secrets of the immortal Nicholas Flamel ( number 1 in the series _

Scott, Michael
      Magician - the secrets of the immortal Nicholas Flamel ( Number 2 in the series _

Seale, Jan Epton
      Airlift - Short Stories

Severin, Tim
      The Brendan Voyage

Severin, Tim
      In Search of Robinson Crusoe

Severin, Tim
      The Sinbad Voyage

Shepard, Birse
      Lore of the Wreckers

Short, Christopher (actual author) marketed under author Charteris, Leslie
      The Saint and the Hapsburg Necklace

Sica, Mario
      Where it all began Brownsea August 1907 - The First Experimental Scout Camp (Lord Baden-Powell and Boy Scouting)

Shackleton, Sir Ernest
      South - the story of Shackletons last expedition 1914-1917

Sinnett-Jones, David
      Not All Plain Sailing

Sinnett-Jones, David
      Passion for Life - Adventure against the odds

Slocum, Joshua
      Voyage of the Liberdade

Slocum, Joshua
      Sailing Alone Around the World ,

Slocum, Joshua
      Sailing Alone Around the World ,

Slocum, Joshua
      Voyage of the Destroyer from New York to Brazil

Slocum, Victor
      Capt. Joshua Slocum - the adventures of Americas best known sailor

Smith, Martin Cruz
      Gorky Park

Smith, Martin Cruz
      Havanna Bay

Smith, Martin Cruz
      Polar Star

Smith, Martin Cruz
      Red Square

Smith, Martin Cruz
      Stalin's Ghost - an Arkady Renko novel

Snyder, Gerald S.
      In the Footsetps of Lewis and Clark

Soskice, Janet Martin
      The Sisters of Sinai - How two lady adventurers discovered the hidden gospels

Souhami, Diana
      Selkirks Island

Spalding, Simon
      Food at Sea - shipboard cuisine from ancient to Modern Times

Steffy, Loren C.
      The Man Who Thought Like a Ship ,

Steinbeck, John 1902-1968
      Cannery Row

Steinbeck, John 1902-1968
, The Long Valley (short stories)

Steinbeck, John 1902-1968
      Tortilla Flat

Stewart, Mary
The Crystal Cave

Stewart, Mary
      The Hollow Hills

Stewart, Rory
        The Prince of the Marshes and other occupational hazards of a year in Iraq

Stilwell.Hart and , Rodgers.Slats.
      , Old Soggy no. 1 - the uninhibited story of Slats Rogers (aircraft in south Texas)

Stone, Nathaniel
      On the Water - Discovering America in a Rowboat 2003

Stone, Nathaniel
      On the Water - Discovering America in a Rowboat

Tangvald, Peter
      At any Cost - Love - Life and Death at Sea

Tangvald, Peter
      Sea Gypsy

Taylor, Andrew
      The World of Gerard Mercator - the mapmaker who revolutionized geography

Taylor, Jeffrey
      Facing the Congo - a modern-day journey into the heart of darkness

Teller, Walter Magnes
      The Voyages of Joshua Slocum (Voyage of the Liberdade ~ Voyage of the Destroyer from New York to Brazil ~ Sailing Alone Around the World ~ Rescue of Some Gilbert Islanders)

Temple, Robert K.G.
      The Genius of China - 3,000 years of science discovery and invention

Testa, Serge
      500 Days (sailing around the world in a very small boat)

Thomas, Stephen D.
      Last Navigator (Polynesian navigation)

Theroux, Paul
      Kingdom by the sea - A Journey around the Coast of Great Britain

Theroux, Paul
      Sailing through China

Theroux, Paul
      To the Ends of the Earth - the selected travels of Paul Theroux

Theroux, Paul
      The Happy Isles of Oceania

Thomas, Lowell
      Count Lukner - the Sea Devil , (WWI sailing raider)

Thomas, Lowell
      With Lawrence in Arabia New enlarged edition

Thompson, Harry
      This Thing of Darkness (about Fitzroy, Darwin and the Beagle

Thompson, Keith S.
      HMS Beagle - the story of Darwins ship

Thoreau, Henry David -- 1817-1862
      Walden - and - A week on the Concord and Merrimack Rivers - and - Civil Disobedience - and - Life without Principle - and - Cape Cod - and - fragments from his Journals

Purves, Libby (editor) - H.W. Tilman
      Adventures under sail - selected writings of H.W. Tilman

Tinkle, Lon
      An American Original: The Life of J. Frank Dobie

Trimmer, John W.
      How to Avoid Huge Ships or I never met a ship I liked

Tomalin, Nicholas and Hall, Ron
      The Strange Last Voyage of Donald Crowhurst

Tuchman, Barbara W.
      A Distant Mirror - the calamitous fourteenth century

Tuchman, Barbara W.
      The Guns of August (the first 100 days of World War 1)

Tuchman, Barbara W.
      The Zimmermann Telegram - The astounding historic espionage operation that propelled America into World War 1

Tuchman, Barbara W.
      Distant Mirror - the calamitous 14th Century

Twain, Mark (Clemens, Samuel L.) - 1835-1910
      Following the Equator - a journey around the world - Volume 1

Twain, Mark (Clemens, Samuel L.) - 1835-1910
      Following the Equator - a journey around the world - Volume 2

Twain, Mark (Clemens, Samuel L.) - 1835-1910
      Life on the Mississippi

Twain, Mark - 1835-1910
      On the Decay of the Art of Lying ,

Twain, Mark - 1835-1910
      A Dogs Tale

Twain, Mark - 1835-1910
      Roughing It

Upfield, Arthur W.
      An Author Bites the Dust

Upfield, Arthur W.
      The Bachelors of Broken Hill ,

Upfield, Arthur W.
      The Bone is pointed

Upfield, Arthur W.
      The Bushman Who Came Back ,

Upfield, Arthur W.
      The Lure of the Bush

Upfield, Arthur W.
      Man of Two Tribes

Upfield, Arthur W.
      Murder Must Wait

Upfield, Arthur W.
      No Footprints in the Bush (also published as Bushranger of the Skies)

Upfield, Arthur W.
      The Torn Branch

Upfield, Arthur W.
      Valley of Smugglers

Upfield, Arthur W.
      The White Savage

Upfield, Arthur W.
      The New Shoe

Urrea, Luis Alberto
      Devils Highway - a true story (across the desert illegal entry into USA - a disaster)

Villiers, Alan J. 1903-1982
      Indian Ocean

Villiers, Alan J. 1903-1982
      Wild Ocean - the Story of the North Atlantic and the Men Who Sailed It

Villiers, Alan J 1903-1982
      Sons of Sinbad; an account of sailing with the Arabs in their dhows, in the Red Sea, around the coasts of Arabia, and to Zanzibar and Tanganyika. pearling in the Persian gulf and the life of the shipmasters.the mariners.and merchants of Kuwait ,

Villiers, Alan J 1903-1982
      The Indian Ocean copy

Wade, Eileen K.
      The Chief - The Life Story of Robert Baden-Powell (Boy Scouts)

Wallach, Jan
      Desert Queen -The extraordinary life of Gertrude Bell - Adventurer Advisor (part of this WWI in Arabia etc)

Wardlae, Roger
      Arthur Ransome Storyteller

Wardale, Roger
      Arthur Ransome under sail - Racundra - Nancy Blackett - Lottie Blossom - Peter Duck - Selina King - Swallow

Wardale, Roger
      Nancy Blackett - under sail with Arthur Ransome

Warner, William E.
      Beautiful Swimmers - Watermen. Crabs and the Chesapeake Bay

Watson, Don B.
      21500 miles alone in a canoe (American river travel)

Weddle, Robert S.
      Spanish Sea - The Gulf of Mexico in North American Discovery 1500 - 1685

White, Robb
      How to build a tin canoe - Confessions of an Old Salt

White, William Lindsay, 1900-1973
      They Were Expendable (WWII Patrol Torpedo boats in the Pacific early in the war)

Wiele, Annie van de
      The West in my eyes; a domestic circumnavigation.

Willis, William - 1893- 1968
      Whom the Sea Has Taken - 204 Days Alone on a Raft from Peru to Australia

Wills, Gary
      St. Augustine (the person)

Winchester, Simon
      The Man Who Loved China ( biography of Joseph Needham )

Winchester, Simon
      Professor and the madman - A Tale of Murder, Insanity, and the Making of the Oxford English Dictionary

Woolley, Benjamin
      The Queens Conjurer - the science and magic of Dr. John Dee, adviser to Queen Elizabeth I

Worsley, Frank Arthur
      Shackletons Boat Journey

Young, William Paul
      The Shack - a novel

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