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          Books on boating and maritime affairs

Voyage of the Liberdade by Joshua Slocum - pure ascii text - voyage in a small boat from Brazil to Washington, DC.

The Circumnavigators - Small Boat Voyagers of Modern Times by Don Holm.

Seamans Secrets a navigation manual from 1653. Written by John Davis.

Books on Navigaton finding ones way at sea - a list of books read and books I know about

CelNav pdf a very large (10 meg) pdf file that is a celestial navigation course developed by the US Coast Guard.

Instruction manual for the Russian sno-t model Sextant - 6.5 meg pdf file

Semaphore alphabet flag signals.

US Coast Guard Float Plan Floatplan brings up a blank PDF to download, print out and fill in.

A History of the USS CABOT (CVL-28) A Fast Carrier in World War II by J. Ed Hudson.

Ancient Maritime Law the Law of Orleon, Maritime Law of Rhodes and others.

An Ethnography of Marine Convoys During World War II by Morgiana P. Halley - a Doctoral Dissertation - 1995 - Dept. of English Language and Linguistics - The University of Sheffield - South Yorkshire, England

          Books about the local South Texas area

Border Angel the biography of Frank Ferree - Mr. Amigo of Harlingen, Texas

Nuevo Santander - Mexico - early history - General State of the Foundation of the Colony of Nuevo Santander by Jose de Escandon 1757-1758.

Nickle Plated Highway to Hell early political history of Hidalgo County - a text file

History of Camp Perry, Texas this is a MS Word 97 format .doc file.

Scouting Cookbook by Rick Gray who was Advisor to Crew 583. - - this is a PDF file - readable using Adobe Acrobat. it is 120 pages long.

Recipes - miscelaneous recipes - family favorites, most edible, some not (ie. playdough)

          Books on other topics

The Dewey Decimal System a listing.

Thomas Jefferson - his Ten Commandments good rules by which to live.

the Devils Dictionary by Ambrose Bierce - humorous definitions. - an ascii text file.

Spike autiobiographical sketch by Spike Tadeo Zywicki - a thoroughly interesting guy - orphan - Civilian in Navy dept in WWII - Papal Volunteer - Liberal -

Jarjus a little homesteader Mittelstaedt family history

Project Gutenberg books online - free.

Metric system - US (old English or Imperial) system conversion
Miles to Kilometers - conversion chart
Meters to Feet and Feet to Meters - conversion chart
Tempreture Conversion Chart - Fahrenheit - Celsius ~ ~ Linear version of conversion chart.

Fluid Measure conversion.

Mosquito Trap home made from large plastic soft drink bottle

Building Plywood Snowshoes

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Good books and resources NOT on this website
Celestial Navigation tecepe .com Has excellent illustrated explaination of modern celestial navigation. An excellent site celebrating the author who wrote many books for children about sailing.

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