Plywood Snowshoes

For walking over the top of deep snow, instead of plowing through it.

Standing on snow which is several feet deep, using plywood snow shoes.

- click on the picture below for a larger version of it -

Show shoe - 51 inches (130 mm) long and 12 inches (30.5 mm) wide
made of 1/4 inch (about 6 mm) thick plywood
Cutting a D shaped toe hole is necessary for the snowshoe to operate properly
2 holes are drilled slightly behind the toe hole for the bindings (parachute cord)
Tie through the holes and around the shoe then
Tie a loop from there behind the heel of the shoe to prevent the snowshoe from sliding off.
The snowshoe should pivot and lift on the front when making a step,
allowing the tail of the snowshoe to drag behind.

Snowshoe bindings tied. I am sure you could do better, but this at least worked.

Walking wearing Snowshoes. The beginning of a step.

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These plywood snowshoes were tried out at a crossroads on US Hwy 82 East of Alamogordo and
very near Ski Cloudcroft, New Mexico in December 2004.