Building a Snowman

demonstrated on Christmas Day - 2004 in McAllen, Texas
This was the first time in recorded history that there was snow on the ground in McAllen on Christmas Day.

First find a quantity of wet sticky snow.
Snow that is fluffy and wet - just at the point of freezing works well.

Take both hands and scoop a big double handful up and make a ball.

Then roll the ball over snow on the ground so that snow sticks to it and the ball gets larger.

Like rolling a ball of string, turn the growing ball sideways
and roll in another directon so that you get a ball rather than a disc.

Make a second ball, slightly smaller than the first.

Lift the second ball and set it on top of the first ball.

Pack some handfulls of snow where the 2 balls meet to stabelize them and cement them together.

Add a nose (a carrot is traditional), eyes, and a mouth.
We used dryed red beans for the mouth and found it was difficult to get them to stick.
Sticks are traditional for arms.
Well dressed snowmen wear hats, and have buttons down their fronts. I have seen lifesaver candies used for the buttons.
Ours was not sticking out his tongue.... he is eating a cookie.

The builders of this snowman.

As Christmas Day warmed up he melted. This is how he looked by 1:00 PM.

- end -

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