Mittelstaedt family
Shakedown weekend trip for R-pod
Port Mansfield TX


Using a 6 cylinder full sized 2000 Chevy pickup we towed the R-pod to Port Mansfield TX.
We were towing on very level ground and against a 20 mph + south Texas breeze.
The truck was not able to rise to an acceptable speed for over the road travel.
We set up at a local RV park and spent the night.
That evening they had a dart competition.
Joseph participated and in the qualifier round did so well that both major teams wanted him

Uncharacteristically it was cool enough to comfortably sleep without using the air conditioner,
but the next day it warmed up enough to give it a test. It is noisy but cooled the R-pod well.
We drove around the village on Saturday morning, finding deer wandering all around town. Do not approach them. They are wild, and some residents have been injured by deer who misunderstand their intentions.
Having concluded our test we headed back home on Saturday late afternoon.

Port Mansfield RV parks

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