RV Parks

Port Mansfield, Willacy County, Texas
About 24 miles East of Raymondville, TX

There are a total of 4 RV parks in Port Mansfield

R and R RV Park
956 944-2704
a nice quiet park, friendly people
50 amp, 30 amp and 15 amp electrical connections
Fresh water and sewer connections. - Rec. Hall - clothes washers & driers
mini-Library including public access computer with internet

The Park
on the west side of the road before entering the town proper.
956 746-1530
The Park

Bay View RV Park
located farther down the road in town on the N. side of the harbor
near the water tower.

Laguna Landing
located on the S. side of the harbor, past the launching ramp
at the corner of Laguna Drive and Legion Dr.

You can park for 72 hours free at the Fred Stone County Fishing Pier and Park at the north end of the road.
There is a public fishing pier there. Amenities are very primitive.
There are deer in Port Mansfield.
They wander about as if they own the place and to some extent they do.
They are wild - people have been injured by the bucks when they are in rut.
Keep your distance, enjoy the view.

15 March 2011

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