South Texas Mountaineering Club
McAllen, Texas


L.A.S.E.N headquarters in Monterrey, Mexico - in 1975
Check in here before hiking or climbing. Let them know when you expect to be back.
If you are overdue coming back they will send out a rescue party.
They are great guys. Very enegeretic and competent.

            Summit of Pico Quince
            Homero Rivas, standing
            left to right - Ray, Chip, Kathy Kosar, Kathy LeFevre

            Summit of Pico Quince
            Homero Rivas, standing
            eft to right - Chip, Kathy LeFevre, Gerard Mittelstaedt

Three Peaks weekend - January 1975 - this view from the top of Pico Piloto

W. Cantu

Saddle Mountain the the background - Monterrey low in the foreground

Sierra Silla (Saddle Mountain) in background

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

San Carlos, Mexico

At the start of the San Carlos climb

Moisture from wind off the Gulf of Mexico hits this little uplift and rises.
Then it condenses into clouds giving a patch of moisture in an otherwise very dry desert
just East of Monterrey, Mexico

H. Rivas in a hamock

Some of the team watching the active climbers ascending a cliff.

Cow and calf near end of road - San Carlos, Mexico

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Cave exploring trip - October 1975

Mr. Valdez and Kathleen LeFevre

The house we spend the night in.
We had arrived well after dark and had a standing invitation to sleep there.
The board floor was at ground level at the front and the slope of the ground went down at the back
so that there was a fair space under the floor.
We awoke with a start at daybreak to the loud snorting of a pig immediately under the floor.

The rather large pig whose snorting woke us up in the morning.

an old shed in the village


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