South Texas Mountaineering Club
McAllen, Texas

This organization existed in 1974 and 1975.

It was headed by Dr. Rivas. Members included a number of people in the McAllen, Texas area
who were interested in hiking and mountain climbing. Almost all of the climbing was done in Mexico.
Often Mexican climbers from Monterrey came along on our trips as guides and fellow climbers.
There was a fair amount of training and those of us who knew nothing became at least mildly proficient.

Three of the junior members of the club, Kathleen L. - Jon J. and Gerard M.
The guy in the red jacket unknown, probably one of our great friends from Mexico.
This picture taken at a place south of Monterrey, East of Huasteca Canyon.

We climbed and hiked in Huasteca Canyon,
three peaks SE of Monterrey near the village of San Carlos
where a granite uplift raised through limestone creating a thin zone of contact metamorphism,
and had a grand adventure climbing (long hiking) up Iztaccihuatl (17,340 ft) from Paseo Cortez just East of Mexico City.
There was at least one caving expedition in a primitive but fairly long and wet cave South of Monterrey
and a long slog hike up the quite high (in altitude) mountain El Potosi.

There were a number of other trips, the above are some which I remember.

STMC_events and pictures from over 40 years ago

STMC Pico Quince climb old foggy pictures

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