Port Aransas WWII Texas Coastal Defense

E. Cotter Avenue - across from the Univ. of Texas installation
Port Aransas, Texas 78373

Visited on - - 1 February 2014

Port Aransas World War II coastal defense gun emplacement

Trail to one of the two Coastal Defense gun emplacements.
This photo looking South from E. Cotter Avenue.


~ ~ Looking North ~ ~

a general view of one of the two gun emplacemnets, looking north.
the cut through the barrier island, the Corpus Christi channel, is in the background,
as are a few of the University of Texas research station buildings.

measuring the rings of the gun emplacemnet

a rough measured drawing showing the size of the gun mount as it survives - February 2014
diameter of raised inner ring which is bound by metal = 6 ft 2 in = 74 inches

detail of large metal ring showing the only joint/break found in this otherwise seamless ring

West side. Outer Wall and lower inner wall
The individual blocks of limestone are approximately 8 in. x 8 in. and 24 in. long.

North side. inner wall thickness (and block size) measured at North side opening
It appears that the wall might have had some morter facing on it.

North side opening - access distance between inner and outer walls is 2 ft. 9 inches = 33 inches.
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~ ~ looking North East ~ ~

An obelisk pylon. Nobody seems to know what its function is, or who made it.
The entrance to the channel to Corpus Christi, which the gun in this eplacement guarded, is past the green covered dunes behind the obelisk.
I am told that there are 2 of these. This is the only one I saw.

Closer view of that obelisk marker.

- more detail later -

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