Design and Construction of a 13 foot sailing skiff

in McAllen, Texas, USA
part 6
Gerard Mittelstaedt with help from friends.

Modifications and Sailing
August 2003

Laminating two 2x4s to make a new, and stronger mast. This one is 14 feet long. The orginal 2x4s were tapered on a table saw, then glued together. After the epoxy set the resulting mast was again tapered on the other sides to rough dimension. The bottom of the mast is left full 2x4 to a point some 10 inches above where the mast comes through the deck. A power block plane was used to round off the mast. A final run with a belt sander finished the shaping. Two coats of varnish were applied.

Sailing on August 13, 2003

Note the sunshade. Life is much more comfortable in warm sunny south Texas with some shade while sailing. It is supported with half inch PVC pipe, and the cover is dark blue denim.

Sailing in the Lower Laguna Madre near Port Isabel, Texas, USA

2 years later, after a long voyage.

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