Scouting links

Rio Grande Council website.
Camp Perry - the Rio Grande Council camp near Rio Hondo, Texas.

Scouting .org official Boy Scouts of America website.

Texas BSA troop websites index - has not been updated for a while.
USA troop websites index - has not been updated for a while.

US Scouts .org good recent merit badge information. (see below for list from this site)
Merit Badge requirements with links to each, and dates of most recent pamphlets. - also has images of each Merit Badge patch.
Merit Badge .com good site on requirements and more.
Pioneering information from onlinetips .org - good ideas. with links to other sites.

Scouter .com a commercial site with good information.

The Dump a great repository of older Scouting information including full text of many Scouting Books.

Alamo Area Council (San Antonio) in Texas .


Aquatics safety training Safe Swim, etc. from Scouting .org

Youth Protection Training form and course online from Scouting .org

Safe Scouting index to all sorts of safe scouting information, guidelines, etc. - including some forms.

Non-BSA links/information
Texas DPS Search for sexual offenders - a printed out completed search needed for each person working at a camp of more than 4 days duration (new Texas law as of June 2006.) See related form under Arrowhead District FORMS above on this page.

update - 11 March 2010
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