Later sailing activity in 2006


Other activities have intruded on sailing life, and I miss sailing on my own boat(s).


On September 21, 2006 I became involved in the delivery of a large trimaran, the Jade, from Port Isabel to Port Mansfield, Texas. In short it was motored out to the Intercoastal Waterway, then we raided the sail locker for likely sails.

First a long narrow job was set, then when DH cleaned up the piston hanks on a 100 percent jib we took the long narrow thing down and set the proper jib.

The boat was quite responsive and got up a goodly amount of speed, given the modest amount of sail up.
We entered Port Mansfield under power (a 9.9 hp outboard), temporarily tied at the long dock by the southern launching ramp, then maneuvered to a dock near the ex-Coast Guard Station.

Two days later the powers that be determined that we needed to move the trimaran to another location in the Port. Moving this monster of a boat is a daunting task. Bringing her to a dock safely using a small outboard motor and no direct motor control from the wheel area is doubly challenging. We managed it anyway and the Jade now rests at the end of -D- dock.

About a year later this boat was sold to a private individual and is no longer at Port Mansfield.

Other sailing activity was limited to a Saturday afternoon race on the Sea Gal a Hunter 30 owned by a friend. This was on October 21, 2006, a beautiful day for sailing. The race was exciting enough - from a start at Barracuda Cove, just inside the South Padre Island Jetties out to the Port Isabel sea buoy and back. The day was so perfect that we sailed it again, further out into the Gulf of Mexico the second time and trailing a fishing lure. Our efforts were rewarded with the catch of a tuna, just under 2 ft. long. It was my first sail on Sea Gal with her new roller furling jib. Its quite handy.

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