2009 Duckworks Messabout

Magnolia Beach, Texas, USA
20 June 2009

The PD Racers and crews who particpated in the Texas 200

The 2009 Duckworks Messabout at Magnolia Beach, Texas, on the south side of Matagorda Bay was preceeded by the Texas 200. That event was a - sailing in company - by a number of boats of various types and sizes from Port Mansfield, Texas, north past Corpus Christi, Port Aransas, Rockport, and Port OConnor and on to Magnolia Beach. The boats participating ranged from five 8 foot PD Racers, Some Hobi Cats, a few West Wight Potters, and numerous other small boats. Each was responsible for themselves, but there was cooperation among the participants. Sailing was done in daylight and there were 4 camps along the way, the first in the -land cut-, the second at Padre Island Yacht Club, the third at Deadman Island in Aransas Bay and the last at Army Hole (near the old aircraft landing strip) on Matagorda Island.

Small boaters from the region, and some from far away, lured by the second Texas 200, relaxed, showed their boats off to one another, and went for short sailing jaunts off the crushed shell beach.

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