Laguna Madre Yacht Club
2007 Racing Program

Sailboat racing should be FUN for all participants no matter their age, the size of their boat, or their experience. We will strive to keep the rules simple, have learning sessions, and multiply the FUN.

Skipper's Meetings are held each race day at the Club House at 10:30 AM to go over any course changes, special conditions and/or weather concerns.
On the course we will use Short Wave Channel 69 to communicate.
Following any of the Skipper's Meetings, if requested, a short training session can be given including Right of Way Rules, Simplified Racing Rules, the Race Course, the Starting sequence, Signals, and a Q & A session.

Gulf Races will start in Barracuda Cove at approximately 1:30 PM and finish in the same location.
Depending on weather conditions, and the racer's choice, the race may be held
in the Brownsville Ship Channel in lieu of the Gulf.
A Racing Buoy will be available with a 100' anchor line that can be placed by the Committee Boat to the best advantage

West Bay Races will make a concerted effort to accommodate fixed keel boats and start at approximately 1:30 PM.
The Race Committee will attempt to conduct 2 races each day of approximately 45 minutes each.

4 Off Shore Races are scheduled to start at 8:30 AM with a Skipper's Meeting the previous night.

A sign up list will be posted in the Club House for anyone wishing to crew or who needs crew.
However most arrangements are made at the last minute at the Skipper's Meeting.

The PORTSMOUTH HANDICAP SYSTEM will be used so boats of all sizes can be competitive.
No Spinnakers are allowed in our races.

An award is made to the winner of every race!!
There will be 4 series in the season and points will be awarded to the Captains (not Boats) as per the results.
Each series will award a 1st and 2nd place trophy.
A Club Champion Trophy will be awarded to the sailor having the best (lowest) total score in all 4 series. The Club Champion's name will also be placed on the "Flagship" perpetual plaque kept at the Club House.
The Off Shore Races will NOT be included in the Club Championship but will award a 1st & 2nd place trophy for each race.

Gulf - Saturdays - March 17th - April 21st - May 19th

West Bay - Sundays - March 18th - April 22th - May 20th

Gulf - Saturdays - September 15th - October 20th - November 17th

West Bay - Sundays - September 16th - October 21st - November 18th

Off Shore
Saturday January 13th - Saturday March 24th - Sunday June 10th - Saturday September 29th


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