Circumnavigators - 4th group of pictures
These are also included with their respective chapters.
Click on any picture for a larger version. NOTE: They were scanned from a copy of the original book. Quality varies as per the original. The original photographs were NOT available to be scanned.

c_tre1 Trekka

c_opt1 Opty

c_opt2 Opty

c_iceb Icebird c_d_lew David Lewis

c_sol1 meeting of Singlehanders

c_sol2 Solveig II

s_c_sev1.jpg"> c_sev1 Seven Seas - tire sea anchor

c_cet1 Cetacean - multihull

c_que1 Quequeg - multihull

c_omo1 Omoo

c_omo2 Omoo

c_omo3 Omoo

c_sea1 Sea Egg - 12 foot sloop

c_sea2 Sea Egg - 12 foot sloop

c_circ gathering of Circumnavigators

c_mar1 Marco Polo - Herreshoff design

c_s_an Sea Anchor

c_g_Gl Golden Globe boats

c_horn Cape Horn

c_hor2 Cape Horn - island

i_tor Torres Strait

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