La Lomita Mission

Mission, Texas
A mission church built by the Oblates of Mary Imaculate (OMI)
just south of what is now Mission, Texas.

In the City of Mission the main north/south street is Conway Ave.
North of Expressway (US. Hwy 83). It is also known as Hwy 107.
When it crosses the Expressway it becomes FM 1016.

To reach La Lomita travel south on Conway/Hwy 107/FM 1016 and at the sign turn west and go over the levee.
There is a small sign for La Lomita and larger signs for Pepes on the River
At the top of the levee jog left then right to enter the La Lomita Park.
It is possible that this park will end up on the south side (Mexico side)
of the Homeland Security proposed border wall, even though it is at least 100 yards north of the Rio Grande in USA.

The mission chapel - view of the south side.

Interior, front - is on the east side.

Interior, back and main entrance - is on west side.

The park across the parking lot from the chapel.

The historical marker - scroll down to read.

The Oblates were called the cavalry of Christ as they rode on horseback from the Brownsville/Port Isabel area up the Rio Grande (Rio Bravo) at least as far as Roma, Texas to offer the Roman Catholic sacraments to the faithful living in this South Texas brushland.

The chapel was restored in 2008.
During restoration some posts were found which indicate that the original structure may have been a jacal - a beam construction with mud and wattle walls.
The current structure has masonry walls.

The Roman Catholic Diocese of Brownsville has its seminary about a half mile to the east of La Lomita, on a hill.

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